Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is True

I'm not simply call people bitch
when I said that, it's mean true and you are truly bitches :)

You said that I'm your friend?Big HAHA to you. A friends will not hurt their own friend right?
You hurt me.You hurt me a lot
So I'm considere that as You are not my friend. Seriously!
So please don't call me a friend because it is actually not

People don't like me?
I think you should know first who are not like your attitude
Seems like many of people around you have to be hypocrite and stab you without your thought
I think you never realise that because you think that you born as a perfect person

Yes, I must be cruel especially for an ungrateful people like you
You hurt me and I've call you bitch
You stab me and I've call you bitch
Fair right?
But I have no ability to do what you have done to me
I know what goes around comes back around

I have my family and my truly friends
and I'm happy with them

Stop being hypocrite
I think you shouldn't forget what your friends have done to you
And I hope one day you will understand what a meaning of FRIENDSHIP :')

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